Life Can Be What You Want

What is the greatest challenge you are facing today?
What have you done to overcome it?
What if someone could put together a process to achieve that dream and walk with you on your journey?
Pathway To Prominence

This business coaching program provides customized and intensive training at a semi-rigorous pace.

Choose To Win

In this personal coaching program, we set up your environment to win each day.

Road Trip

If you are looking for a short burst of new energy into your life, this four week program is for you.

Pathway To Prominence

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Do you feel that you are on an endless treadmill, exerting energy in your business and never getting anywhere? What if you could step off that treadmill and focus on action that propels your business forward?

In Pathway To Prominence, Brad Horner works exclusively with you to create the business opportunities and processes to work smarter and accelerate business growth.

  1. Work through misconceptions about business activity versus business success

  2. Set up a clear business plan and processes to make the most of your valuable time

  3. Discover the business growth and life balance you need to make the most of your energy

This personalized program requires a pre screening for qualification and only a limited number of slots are available. Watch this video from Brad to learn more and to see if this program is right for you.

Choose To Win

Life can provide opportunity or obstacles. When we rise each day, we are faced with a choice. What choice are you making, and how does that affect your personal relationships, your happiness, and your life?

In the Choose To Win program, you learn how to set up your life for the best version of it. 

  1. Eliminate obstacles that undermine your success

  2. Reactivate your relationships for support and prosperity

  3. Balance your commitments so that you remove life burn out

As the first Zig Ziglar Master Coach, Brad will also walk you through the fundamentals of the Seven Spokes of the Wheel of Life, a framework developed by life coach pioneer Tom Ziglar.

Today is the day to Choose To Win.

Road Trip

Sometimes, we need to take a mental break from our routine to find new inspiration and imagination. 

The Road Trip coaching program provides a four week journey to new beginnings in both your personal and professional life.

  1. Understand your legacy and how to create it for future generations

  2. Rediscover balanced success and significance in the life you have today

  3. Remove the barriers that are holding you back from your best self on your best day

This program is designed to give your life the jolt it needs to move into success, because we are all made to succeed.

The four week program is priced at $997, with different start dates for enrollment.

Intensive Coaching Program

Brad also offers a customized intensive coaching program for those who want to level up quickly.

To learn more and to begin the journey together.

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